Spring has Sprung

Spring is upon us,

I cannot wait to dig,

for everything new in life

that grows very big.

Will you see the stars at night,

gazing down on you,

or shut your eyes intently,

because there are so few.

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Open Veil continues to grow with new additions…



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Why do words fall away?

Why do they not fly?

How do words just sit and spin when no one turns their crank?

Have you ever been stuck for a word? I have. I find myself searching my mental files for words, looking in dictionaries, thesauruses, and word books. All to no avail. Why is it when you really need the right word you can’t find it but when you don’t need a word they jump out at you?

Words are fickle, like cats.

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New Cover Art…

I finally decided on the cover art for my new collection… check it out –

Through an Open Veil
by Lee Waggoner
Through an Open Veil
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Life reminder…

Just a reminder… live life to the fullest, you never know when you may not have the opportunity to take another breath.

As my family welcomed in a new member this past week I was reminded of the importance of living life to the fullest and spending as much time with the people you love as possible. You never know when your time will be up and you will not have that opportunity to say, feel, or even think another loving thought or express another word to those whom you love.

Be blessed!

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Spring Break…

Spring break has arrived! Yes! A much needed break and time to recoup and recover from three long months of teaching  and dealing with the politics of education.

Have you ever wondered why teachers need breaks? Well let me tell you. Teachers not only teach curriculum, handle daily/hourly/minute-by-minute issues; they also walk a fine line with regards to colleagues, communicate with parents, meet state and district timelines and test requirements. They grade, organize, plan, and create a learning environment which meets local and state regulations for fire codes. I never knew going into public teaching that so many hats would be required, but I must say they are worth every ounce of struggle, sweat, and sacrifice. The pay-off of seeing a struggling student learn a skill, a partially proficient student reach proficiency, and an emotional unstable student become stable because of their success far out-weighs all of the struggles, late nights, and pressure. I know, I know – I’m sounding preachy; but I have a reason… I meet people regularly who think teaching is just relaying a skill in a way in which a student can pick it up and do it. Teaching is so much more. It involves so much more effort than I ever gave it and it comes with so many more rewards that make every day worth the effort.

So I encourage you, if you know a teacher, give them a hug or a thank you today.

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More of the white stuff…

More of the white stuff and here we go, no riding outside today. Looks like it’ll be a interval training indoors. What workout are you doing today?

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