More of the white stuff…

More of the white stuff and here we go, no riding outside today. Looks like it’ll be a interval training indoors. What workout are you doing today?

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As I sit inside warm and comfortable watching the blizzard dump inches of snow outside writing a poem about the blankets of crystal ice; I am reminded of the times back in Amarillo, TX. when I would wish for this much snow. Now, I not only get to frolic in the beautiful white stuff but I also get to shovel it and drive through it. Some joys come inherently with their downsides.

I hope your day is blessed!

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Bent Like Life – from the Movement in F minor collection

Bent like Life
Lee Waggoner – 2012

Liberating to the  s   e   n   s   e   s,
Consoling to the soul,
Freeing up the mind to ponder,
life’s contentious f-l-o-w.

Riding takes you places,
you could never hope to discover,
Tucked away in a room,
withdrawn under the cover.

Wind flowing through the hair,
as nature serenades you,
Legs press onward where –
ever life’s road leads you.

Adventure lies within the ride,
waiting to unfold,
Take the bars and pedal hard,
live outside the mold.

Mountain scenes – fields of green,
lay background to your route,
Slowing down you reach the top
and take in flowers’ sp  r  o u t.

Cooling air dries the sweat,
trickling down your back,
Faster down the hill you go,
with a vengeance – you can read the rest of this poem plus the whole collection by clicking here.

Thank you.

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Bike terms

Bike terms

True mastery of design.

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One for the new collection…

Question for You

Mom, where are you going?
Dad, why don’t you speak?
Bro, where have you been?
My heart, why do you leak?

Friends, why are you distant?
Teacher, where do you go?
I ask for time to talk,
but you keep on saying no.

Church, why don’t you call?
God, where have you been?
I cry out …

Click this link to read the rest

Lee Waggoner 2013

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Posting Update

My recent addition – click below and enjoy:—a-motif-of-my-life

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Write to…

Write to express yourself. Write to heal. Write to become who you are, but write to feel.

If you are counted in the number of people who consider yourself to ‘have enough’ then you know what it means to have that ‘enough’ taken away. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt can creep in making daily living a struggle and even impossible for some.

Writing, I have found can be a unique therapy which draws out the unwanted feelings and sometimes draw in the wanted feelings to deal with life’s stresses. If you have not tried writing to express yourself, writing to get out all your feelings, or even writing to just write; I would encourage you to give it a try.

Have fun and enjoy!


If you haven’t already, you can check out my poetry collections by clicking here:

Movement in F minor
by Lee Waggoner
Movement in F minor
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2013 Visions

2013 is upon us, we are almost through January; and my writing is picking up steam again… hot, wet, shower steam. As I traverse through my next series I see visions of disease, child poverty, and eerie hands reaching from the ‘other side’ taking shape. No, I don’t have a sad, demented death wish; but this series is looking at multiple subjects through completely different eyes – those steeped in poverty, dealing with disease, and fighting to keep their minds sane. I am looking forward to publishing this series and the feedback I will inevitably receive.

Thank you for reading my blog and enjoy!


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Thanksgiving thoughts

Giving thanks for so many things – life, freedom, relationships, and creativity; without these life would be so boring. I cannot imagine living in a grey world where everything you do is mundane and has no purpose, no order, or no direction.

Thankfully we have be blessed as human beings with so many talents that we get to enjoy a colorful world full of unique perspectives and imaginative arts.

Enjoy everything around you, it may not be there when you get back.

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Express yourself…

The best way to express yourself….

to live every moment of every day through your outlet – whatever that outlet is. Expression is the truest form of living whether that be through writing, reading, speaking, athletics, music, yoga, sitting still, praying, or any number of ways available to express yourself.

The key though is to express yourself.

How NOT to express yourself…

Watching t.v., watching others live without allowing the stirring inside of you to move you to action, and dying. People die everyday when they check out of life.

So the encouragement for the day:

live by expressing yourself.

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