The Power of Touch

I just started a new book, “The Power of Touch,” by Phyllis R. Davis, Ph.D. and just have to share a poem she wrote about the subject. Very engaging subject.

Please Touch Me!

If I am your baby, please touch me.
I need your touch in ways you may never know.
Don’t just wash and change and feed me,
but rock me close, kiss my face and stroke my body.
Your soothing, gentle touch says security and love.

If I am your child, please touch me
though I may resist, even push you away.
Persist. find ways to meet my needs.
Your goodnight hug helps sweeten my dreams.
Your daytime touching tells me how you really feel.

If I am your teenager, please touch me.
Don’t think because I’m almost grown,
I don’t need to know that you still care.
I need your loving arms, I need a tender voice.
When the road gets rocky, then the child in me still needs.

If I am your friend, please touch me.
Nothing lets me know you care like a warm embrace.
A healing touch when I’m depressed assures me I am loved
and reassures me that I am not alone.
Yours may be the only comforting touch I get.

If I am your sexual partner, please touch me.
You may think that your passion is enough,
but only your arms hold back my fears.
I need your tender reassuring touch
to remind me I am loved just because I am me.

If I am your grown-up child, please touch me.
Though I may have a family of my own to hold,
I still need Mummy’s and Daddy’s arms when I hurt.
As a parent the view is different,
I appreciate you more.

If I am your ageing parent, please touch me
the way I was touched when I was very young.
Hold my hands, sit close to me, give me strength,
and warm my tired body with your nearness.
Although my skin is worn wrinkled, it loves to be stroked.

Phyllis K. Davis

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Do you need love?

Do you need love? Why? Why not? Psychologists and relational experts regularly report that humans need love, in one form or another. Some need more than others, depending on their personalities and life experiences. But, do YOU need love?

When I talk about love, I picture one of the Four types of love: eros, storge, phileo, and agape. Can this question truly be answered without clarifying which love is meant? No, it cannot. So, let us be more specific, do we (you) need any one of the four types of love? According to your personality, do you need one of the four types of love to survive and thrive in life?

I believe, as humans, we do. Designed by our creator to need certain things: water, air, and I believe, love, in one form or another. How can a person survive without some degree of one form of love in their life? What do you think? Can you live a satisfying life without one of the four types of love? Comment below.

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Through it all…

through the hard times,

through the rough times,

no matter what times these is,

there is always times for music.

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These Thorns

Piercing to the touch
the thorns He bore cut deep,
growing tall like every tree
these roots do gently weep.

Nimbly knives separate thin branches
for crafting something light,
wishing to be rid of stresses
these thorns deliver their plight.

Pushing down – blood does trickle
torn flesh does heed,
bearing all our sins – beforehand,
this crown our souls does feed.

Generations of sinners do thrive
on layers of His actions,
fueling hearts to acquiesce
His kingdom abstractions.

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New collection taking shape

Click below to check out my new collection.

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Spring has Sprung

Spring is upon us,

I cannot wait to dig,

for everything new in life

that grows very big.

Will you see the stars at night,

gazing down on you,

or shut your eyes intently,

because there are so few.

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Open Veil continues to grow with new additions…


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