Movement in F minor by Lee Waggoner
A monumental work culminating over a year of writing about my life’s experiences, nature, family, pain, suffering, and healing. Click the links below to buy this collection or the smaller themed books contained therein.
Movement in F minor

A book of poetry about love, loss, life, and pain which leads to… Shredded Hearts by Lee Waggoner

Shredded Hearts
A book of poetry which celebrates… Life as it comes at you… by Lee Waggoner
Life as it comes at you...

Death is Waiting by Lee Waggoner
A book of poetry which explores the dark side in everybody, including the horror, fear, and death which surrounds us in a natural setting.
Death is Waiting

Nature Calls by Lee Waggoner
A book which calls us to reflect on our natural settings as well to explore how we affect nature and the natural, and unnatural settings all around us. 
Nature Calls

Through an Open Veil 

The next collection by Lee Waggoner

Through an Open Veil is a broad exploration of different subjects approached from the perspective of one who cannot see clearly, either by design or circumstances, and attempts to bring some level of understanding to the dire circumstances which lead normal people down abnormal paths to choices they wouldn’t have made otherwise. This collection also welcomes the familiarity of touch, love, and pain which comes at the hands of those we care about dearly.
Through an Open Veil


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