Day 2 of National Poetry Month

Here is a poem written in the form of a recipe:

A Recipe for Grace

Crowds cry out in anguish

how could he be made well,

he climbed up a tree for goodness sake –

his future to foretell.

“Back away from the scourge,”

every soul here knows,

the only time you’d see him

is cruely – tax laws he’d impose.

“Come down here Zacchaeus,

I will stay at your house today,

for I came to seek the lost

no longer will you go astray.”

About leewaggoner

Father, educator, musician, cyclist, writer, and avid reader. I love all things about life and love observing but especially writing about them.
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1 Response to Day 2 of National Poetry Month

  1. jillys2016 says:

    Wait…. I can almost remember the Sunday School song about Zacchaeus:)
    I love to see the ways in which we can apply this one to our everday lives. There are Zs all around us if we but notice. Thank you for this well written recipe!

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