Write to…

Write to express yourself. Write to heal. Write to become who you are, but write to feel.

If you are counted in the number of people who consider yourself to ‘have enough’ then you know what it means to have that ‘enough’ taken away. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and doubt can creep in making daily living a struggle and even impossible for some.

Writing, I have found can be a unique therapy which draws out the unwanted feelings and sometimes draw in the wanted feelings to deal with life’s stresses. If you have not tried writing to express yourself, writing to get out all your feelings, or even writing to just write; I would encourage you to give it a try.

Have fun and enjoy!


If you haven’t already, you can check out my poetry collections by clicking here:

Movement in F minor
by Lee Waggoner
Movement in F minor

About leewaggoner

Father, educator, musician, cyclist, writer, and avid reader. I love all things about life and love observing but especially writing about them.
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