Summer break comes to a close…

As this summer break comes to a close, I report back to work the 27th of this month,  I find myself thankful for the poetry I was able to finish in June, the collections I was able to organize in July, the reading I was able to do and the elation of having reached my writing goals for this summer. It is a wonderful feeling to reach a goal – feelings of elation, that sense of accomplishment, and that always waiting in the wings – joy, spring up; but I feel it is equally important to keep the bigger picture in mind, in my case the long-term goal of publication and reaching others with my poetry. To this end I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish this summer break and encourage you to read and buy my new collection of all four chapbooks. You can access it below.

I hope you are moved to action and yield to that needed action – whatever it may be, thus accomplishing your goals.

Be blessed!

Movement in F minor
by Lee Waggoner
Movement in F minor

About leewaggoner

Father, educator, musician, cyclist, writer, and avid reader. I love all things about life and love observing but especially writing about them.
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